Hopelessness and despair are two words that describe your life. You are almost giving up. Some days you wake up with a resolve to overcome your addiction, but then you find yourself falling deeper into it.

Your family and friends have given up or are almost giving up on you. You also feel like giving up and letting alcohol/drug addiction take control of your life.

It hurts to see your peers doing well in life and whispering behind your back about what a failure you have become. You feel bad and resolve to fight but then there is that inner voice that tells you that you will never make it.

Maybe you have tried several drug addiction rehabs in Kenya but nothing seems to work. We are here to encourage you to not to give up. There are many that have gone through that painful path and emerged winners.

Life may seem meaningless today but you can give it a meaning if you fight harder. You may even come through it and do better than those who thought you will never make it. It takes courage to admit that you need help. Reaching out for help is the first step to addiction recovery.

Perhaps you have reached out for help but things didn’t work out. Take courage and keep going. It’s doesn’t matter how many times you have tried and failed. It’s okay to relapse; but it is not okay to give up. You are in a battle and you must keep fighting.

Time to sacrifice and fight

The journey to addiction recovery is long and painful one. It requires courage, determination, and a lot of sacrifices. With the right support system and treatment model, the journey becomes shorter and less painful. But the most important thing in addiction recovery is the free will to overcome it. It’s only when you rewrite your brain through affirmations that you gain power over the addiction.

We use a powerful treatment model that combines proven biopsychosocial and spiritual interventions. The reason you are struggling with addiction is because it is a disease and not a habit. You need to approach it the same way you would approach any other health condition.

Do not worry if you do not know where to start. We have invested in the best of professionals and addiction treatment practices. Click here and fill our intake form for a free consultation.

Drug and Alcohol addiction treatment in Kenya

Primrose Wellness Center provides a holistic approach to alcohol and substance addiction recovery in Kenya. Our treatment approach to each client is unique to their personality and needs.

Self-awareness is a critical milestone in addiction recovery. Unfortunately, most addiction treatment centers in Kenya do not put emphasis on self-awareness.  It is only when you are aware of the factors that trigger your behavior that you are able to change it.

In most instances, addiction is usually a symptom of an underlying emotional, social or biological problem. There are people who abuse alcohol and substance due to low self-esteem. Others fall into addiction when trying to dull painful emotions and feelings. There are also those who are trapped in addiction due to lack of coping skills.

Biological problems such as Bipolar can also lead to addiction. The first goal to alcohol and drug addiction recovery is self-knowledge. We help you identify the root cause of your addiction through rigorous psychiatric and psychological assessment.

Do you have a support system?

Your support system can be your family or friends. Anybody that truly cares about your well-being can become a critical component of your recovery process.

But can you recover from addiction on your own? YES! But research shows that having a strong support system makes the recovery easier. Consider yourself lucky if you have someone holding your hand through the journey.

If you are all alone, do not worry. We will walk the journey with you. Our treatment program goes beyond the rehab. We want to see you doing better on your own. That’s why our follow up lines are open. Talk to us anytime you feel like giving up and going back to addiction.

We will also reach out and want to know how you are progressing. Primrose Rehab and Wellness only wins when our clients are successful.


How do I overcome alcohol addiction?

Overcoming alcohol and drug addiction is not easy. You may have tried several times and failed but this doesn’t mean you aren’t doing the right thing. Keep trying different levels of interventions until you determine what works for you.

What are the best alcohol rehabs in Kenya?

Primrose Rehab was founded by experts with combined experience of over 20 years managing rehabilitation centers. We combine different treatment models including.

How do you treat drug and alcohol addiction?

We combine different approaches to offer holistic treatment to our clients. Primrose Rehab and Wellness Centre is the only rehab in Kenya that offers music therapy as part of addiction treatment.

Will I recover from addiction?

The journey to recovery requires boldness and determination. You have already made the first step by accepting that you need help. Keep up the fight and all the pieces will fall into place. Recovery is a process that takes time, patience, and everything you’ve got.

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